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106. Tom often mentions _____ his good friends.But his friends avoid _____ him.

A.missing; meeting B.miss; to meet

C. missing; meet D. to miss; to meet

107. The desks are made _____ wood. Wine (酒) is made _____ grapes.

A.of; from B.in; by C. into; of D. from; of

108. It is _____ that _____ the students in my class is 60 and _____ students like sports.

A. said; the number of; a number of B.say; a number of; the number of

C. says; the number; a number D. said; number; number

109. We’re happy that our country has developed _____ these years than before.

A. quickly B. less quickly C. more quickly D. most quickly

110.It’s not fine today. You’d better _____ out. Why _____ stay at home watching TV?

A. not to go; not B. not go; not C. don’t go; / D. to not go ; /

111. These _____ look up to ten _____.

A. Germans; heroes; B. Germen; hero

C. Germany; hero D.Germany; heroes

112.He _____ to school by bike, but now he _____ to school on foot.

A. used to go; gets used to go B. gets used to going; used to go

C. used to go; gets used to going D.used to going; gets used to go

113.We just held a sports meeting to celebrate the _____ birthday of our school and we are so proud _____ what it has achieved.

A. seventy ninth, in B. seventy-nine, in

C. seventy nine, of D. seventy-ninth, of

114.It’s creative _____ you _____ this good idea.

A. of; to come up with B. for; to come up with

C. of; think of D. for; to think of

115. -- How did you get the MP4, from a shop or by phone?

-- _____. I always like shopping online.

A. None B. Neither C. Both D. All

116. It sounds like something is wrong with the car’s engine. _____ we’d better take it to the garage immediately.

A. Otherwise B. If not C. But for all that D. If so

117. The gasoline _____. Let’s fill the car up at the next gas station.

A. is running out B. has run out C. is being run out D. has been run out

118. It was proposed by the board that our school _____ more top experiments.

A. would introduced B. introduced

C. introduce D. be introducing

119. The Council of Europe produced an agreement on cybercrime in 2001, _____ has been approved by many countries.

A. what B. that C. which D. when

120. Wait a second! My essay is almost done. I _____ for two hours!

A. have written it B. have been writing it

C. wrote it D. am writing it

121. As Mrs Roosevelt put _____, I’d rather light a candle than complain about the darkness.

A. it B. that C. this D. them

122. Many people nowadays refer to themselves as chihuo—people who love to eat and are satisfied and excited when _____ delicious food.

A. tasted B. to taste C. tasting D. having tasted

123. -- Will you buy me a toy car, Mummy?

-- OK. You _____ have one if you tidy your room as soon as possible.

A. might B. must C. could D. shall

124. The thief fell to the ground, his left foot _____ and blood _____ down from his mouth.

A. breaking; running B. broken; running

C. breaking; run D. broken; run

125. He states that good qualities such as honesty and self-discipline make _____ he is today

A. whom B. how C. what D. which

126. I looked through the window of our hotel, _____ I saw a man taking photos in the yard.

A. where B. at which C. when D. from where

127. -- John said he would provide you with anything you needed, didn’t he?

-- Yeah. It was _____ of him, but I declined his offer.

A. modest B. punctual C. instant D. considerate

128. Joining the firm as a clerk, he got rapid promotion, and _____ as a manager.

A. ended up B. dropped out C. came back D. started off

129. -- Did you receive the letter the next day?

-- No, somehow, it was three weeks _____ I received it.

A. since B. when C. that D. before

130. The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already _____ for a meal to be cooked.

A. laid B. laying C. to lay D. being laid

131. The professor can hardly find sufficient grounds _____ his argument in favour of the new theory.

A. which to base on B. on which to base

C. to base on which D. which to be based on

132. It is _____ he often fails in exams _____ makes his parents worried about him.

A. what, that B. that, what C. that, that D. /, that

133. This is a _____ building, which is about _____ high.

A. six-storey; 38 metre B. six-storeys; 38-metre

C. six-storey; 38 metres D. six-storey; 38-metres

134. —Shall we go outing this weekend?

—Oh, with all this work _____, I don’t know if I will have time to go out.

A. to do B. doing C. done D. do

135. You may _____ a dictionary if you don’t know how to pronounce a word.

A. look up B. refer to C. look into D. look for

136. --- Do you think he will do me a favor?

--- As far as I know, he is the last one to help others. He _____ be prepared to give you a hand, though.

A. can B. must C. might D. should

137. It is not what we do once in a while _____ shapes our lives, _____ what we do consistently.

A. which; that; B. that; that C. which; but D. that; but

138. I’ve never _____ the theory that people are more important than animals.

A. corresponded to B. subscribed to

C. referred to D. contributed to

139. Australian magnate Clive Palmer announced his plan to build a 21st century version of Titanic, with its first voyage _____ for 2016.

A. to schedule B. scheduling C. scheduled D. being scheduled

140. _____, Liu Wei achieved the goal many normal people couldn’t accomplish.

A. As he was disabled B. Disabled as he was

C. Was he as disabled D. Disabled as was he

141. There is _____ thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.

A. not such B. such no C. no such D. such not

142. His failure in the college entrance exam _____ him the opportunity to go to university.

A. spent B. took C. paid D. cost

143. -- What do you think of my homework?

-- Good work, _____ a few slight mistakes.

A. in addition to B. except C. as well as D. apart from

144. Dick enjoys painting but he knows the fact _____ he doesn’t have _____ it takes to be a painter.

A. which; what B. that; what C. what; that D. that; that

145. We believe her design is _____ because it is completely different from anyone else’ s.

A. original B. initial C. vivid D. previous

146. The MH370 from Malaysia crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, _____ global concern about flight safety.

A. to cause B. causing C. having caused D. caused

147. _____ to the current education system of China, the Ministry of Education should make changes to make it efficient for selecting talents.

A. Most of us are so accustomed B. So are most of us accustomed

C. Accustomed as most of us are D. As most of us are accustomed

148. He accidentally _____ that he had been laid off and had to make a living away from home.

A. let out B. let alone C. let down D. let off

149. If it hadn’t rained so hard last night, it _____ so cold today.

A. wouldn’t be B. hadn’t been

C. wouldn’t have been D. weren’t

150. On Sundays there were a lot of children playing in the park, _____ parents seated together joking.

A. whose B. their C. which D. where





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